Spaceface – Anemoia


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Though it can first be perceived as a simple feat of efficient and minimalistic songwriting by Ingalls and friends — the result of slick melodies, rich arrangements, and effortlessly flowing rhythmic grooves — each spin reveals a new layer, painting a positive, if somewhat critical, portrayal of modern life. Made possible by collaborative artistry in the age of endless possibilities, the 12 song collection is both a contemplative psychedelic pop odyssey, and a hopeful broadcast from the heart into outer space.

  1. Universe Whisper
  2. Happens All The Time
  3. Rain Passing Through (feat. Mikaela Davis)
  4. Piña Collider
  5. Ludus Love
  6. Panoramic View
  7. Classic Style
  8. Long Time (feat. LABRYS)
  9. Millions & Memes
  10. Waiting for You
  11. Jamais Vu (feat. Meggie Lennon)
  12. Earth in Awe