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Make no mistake about it, this children’s music album from local musicians Harlan T. Bobo, Doug Easley, Tim Prudhomme, and Alex Greene is quite weird, and, truthfully, I’m not completely sure that if I had younger kids I would let them listen to it. That said, it’s still a hoot to listen to as an adult. Highlights include Easley’s beautifully simple “Draw” and Bobo’s arresting reading of Fred Rogers’ “Good People Sometimes.”

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  1. O Sheboygan
  2. Jump Up!
  3. Draw
  4. Mr. Bubbles
  5. K-I-D-S
  6. Stumbling Bumbling Clowns
  7. Noodle and Cuckoo in the Noodle
  8. Do the Rooster!
  9. Tic Toc
  10. Where’s My Nose?
  11. Happy Birthday to Me!
  12. Good People Sometimes
  13. Crunching Munchers
  14. Monkey Island
  15. Bedtime For Boffo