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Matador Singles ’08 may be Reatard’s most complete album-length accomplishment to date. It eschews the “same song over and over” criticism that’s been lobbed at Reatard by people only familiar with his latest works. (When I saw him open for the Black Keys in Minneapolis this spring, one particularly drunk guy kept yelling “Same song!” during every break. I think the guy was wearing a Yes T-shirt.) It jumps moods in way that didn’t seem possible for Reatard in the past.

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  1. See Saw
  2. Screaming Hand
  3. Painted Shut
  4. An Ugly Death
  5. Always Wanting More
  6. You Mean Nothing To Me
  7. Fluorescent Grey (Deerhunter)
  8. Trapped Here
  9. Hiding Hole
  10. DOA
  11. No Time
  12. You Were Sleeping
  13. I’m Watching You