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Memphis’s Snowglobe plays an entrancing blend of cosmic American music that owes as much to pioneering psychedelic country/pop legends like the Byrds and Gram Parsons as it does to modern-day fellow travelers like the Flaming Lips. Having played together since high school, the members of snowglobe have a unique ability create complex songs with a rich pallet of sounds in a seemingly nonchalant way. The Memphis based band continues the long lasting tradition of playing honest music for the right reasons. Many comparisons to Neutral Milk Hotel, and Elephant 6 recording company have been made to Snowglobe, and as natural as that comparison seems, it seems to be an easy way out, but Snowglobe has advanced far beyond this. Snowglobe sounds like Mercury Rev, the piano balladry of Tim Hardin, early 70s Beach Boys, and the Kinks. Snowglobe is a band that takes from past genres and pushes those influences as step or two forward. This is a very song oriented band. The noises and kitchen sink extremities arent thrown in nonchalantly, they are precise and subtle flourishes that add texture.
Snowglobe is currently working on a new record, which will be their 4th national release. This is expected to be complete by late summer/early fall.

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  1. Sleep, Sleepy Dream
  2. Father Song
  3. Landfill
  4. A Little Bit Of You
  5. Bomp-Chee-Bomp
  6. Ain't It Strange
  7. Take A Hike On Your Feet
  8. My Father Says Hey
  9. Deez
  10. Roni And Cheese
  11. Intro-uble
  12. The Stop To Stop All Stops
  13. Ladies And Gentlemen, The Great Wes Butler
  14. Milshake In My Pocket
  15. Take The Pill, Don't Be No Turkey
  16. Blue
  17. Kaiser
  18. Space Time Continuum
  19. Memory Girl
  20. Transition Into...
  21. The Rest Of The Song
  22. Mouse Race
  23. Bluegrass Theorum
  24. Take A Longer Hike This Time
  25. People Come, People Go
  26. Goodbye Dream