Oblivians – Never Enough


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Oblivion’s were a three-piece band so far ahead of their time people are still trying to catch up with them. Jack, Eric and Greg all wrote songs and live it was a constant exercise in musical chairs for pole position. This manic slab was originally released in 1994. From their hometown of Memphis, Tennessee they created a wild lurid strain of Punk Rock that leveled all (then and today) pretenders to the throne. Comparisons could be the Blues Explosion, the Mummies and of course all the psychotic southern trash that preceded them. This EP features eight tracks, each a lo-fi crunch masterpiece. You get original classics like ‘Five Hour Man’, ‘Feel Real Good’ and ‘Shut My Mouth’.

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  1. Can't Last Another Night
  2. Happy Blues
  3. Never Enough
  4. Feel Real Good
  5. I'm Not a Sicko There's a Plate in my Head
  6. Five Hour Man
  7. Shut My Mouth
  8. Show Me What You Like