Too Much Love


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Backed by members of the Reigning Sound, Fuck and Viva l’American Deathray Music, and recorded at Easley McCain Studio, Harlan’s record has already been hailed as the best Memphis record of the last five years by the Memphis Flyer. “Too Much Love” made every Memphis music writer’s Best Of list and was named Record of the Year 2005. And rightfully so- it’s a purely, perfectly Americana album, wide open and alone with touches of melancholy, paranoia, loneliness, despair and simple hope coloring every little moment. Love will do that to you.

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  1. Only Love
  2. Left Your Door Unlocked
  3. Stop
  4. Too Much Love
  5. Zippers and Jeans
  6. Mr. Last Week
  7. When You Comin’ Home?
  8. After This Night
  9. Bottle and Hotel