Alex Chilton – Free Again: The “1970” Sessions


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Breaking free from the restraints of the Box Tops, Alex Chilton secretly recorded songs at Ardent Studios in 1969. However, his contract with American Studios did not end until 1970, and in 1996, these treasures saw the light of day. Although he was still inspired by British pop, this album also has a dirty rock ‘n’ roll side, a bluesy, soulful sound that embodies Chilton’s state of mind at the time. Re-issue of the rare 1970 solo LP by a post-Box Tops and pre-Big Star Alex Chilton. Originally issued on Ardent Records.  Liner notes by Commercial Appeal music writer Bob Mehr.


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  1. Free Again (Original Mono Mix)
  2. Come On Honey
  3. Something Deep Inside
  4. I Can Dig It
  5. The EMI Song (Smile For Me)
  6. All I Really Want Is Money
  7. The Happy Song
  8. Jumpin' Jack Flash
  9. Every Day As We Grow Closer/Funky National
  10. I Wish I Could Meet Elvis
  11. Just To See You
  12. All We Ever Got From Them Was Pain
  13. Sugar Sugar/I Got The Feelin'
  14. Free Again (Stereo Remix w/ Alternate Vocal)
  15. Every Day As We Grow Closer (Original Mono Mix)
  16. Come On Honey (Original Mono Mix)
  17. The EMI Song (Smile For Me) (Original Mono Mix)
  18. All I Really Want Is Money (Original Mono Mix)
  19. If You Would Marry Me Babe (Demo)
  20. It Isn't Always That Easy (Demo)