Snowglobe – Doing The Distance


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If there’s a difference between being musically obtuse and being psychedelic, it’s to be found in bands like Snowglobe. Rather than being quirky and experimental for the sake of sounding druggy and far-out, bands like Snowglobe produce sonic landscapes that defy convention for the sake of pure creativity. For many bands, this isn’t always successful, but thankfully Snowglobe scores more hits than misses. Falling somewhere along the lines of the Flaming Lips and Elephant 6 bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, with traces of They Might Be Giants and a whole host of bands past present, Snowglobe’s music defies the simplicity of pop, the seriousness of rock, and the whimsy of novelty acts, and it does so by combining all three. Heavy on instrumentation, the songs on Our Land Brains are a heady swirl of guitar rock supplemented with horns and organs, pianos and strings, and applied in a mish-mash technique that would make many a jam-band jealous. But somehow Snowglobe manages to break out of the psychedelic folk mode, even while the sunshine lyrics of these tracks might suggest such a tendency. This music is seriously goofy, and goofily serious, and always a bit surreal. And fairly hard to categorize…”

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  1. Theme Music
  2. Loaded Gun
  3. Comforted
  4. Ms. June
  5. Baby
  6. Master Of Forgotten Works
  7. Aimless Sailor
  8. Calculating Fades
  9. Changes
  10. Regime
  11. Rock Song
  12. Big Machine
  13. Sickness
  14. Medium
  15. The Boso
  16. 33 1/3