Don Bryant – Don’t Give Up On Love



Don Bryant is here, though it ain’t like he just showed up. The roots of this record are in the Memphis church, where Don Bryant began singing when he was 5. The band is a mix of lifelong cohorts and upstart stalwarts. They understand where he’s been and where he wants to go. This kind of music moved audiences then and it moves them now. Even the music makers can’t stand still. Soul survivors, young and old—nothing holds them back.

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  1. A Nickel and a Nail
  2. Something About You
  3. It Was Jealousy
  4. First You Cry
  5. I Got to Know
  6. Don't Give Up on Love
  7. How Do I Get There
  8. Can't Hide the Hurt
  9. One Ain't Enough
  10. What Kind of Love

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