Jay Reatard – Watch Me Fall



In Spin’s list of 2009’s best albums, it’s no accident that Watch Me Fall lands at #13. Nor is it a surprise that 65 of the 75 assigned words are reserved to attack Reatard’s character. The favored alternate-reality of the press is that Watch Me Fall magically appeared while Reatard spent the entire year inserting the F-word into his Twitter. The product of extreme expectation, stress, inspiration, and care, the album nonetheless needed to grow on me. It did, and I’m proud that “Watch Me Fall” is associated with Memphis, because long after all of the lazy writers and fickle fans have found something new to misunderstand, this album will be remembered and revisited.

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  1. It Ain't Gonna Save Me
  2. Before I Was Caught
  3. Man of Steel
  4. Can't Do It Anymore
  5. Faking It
  6. I'm Watching You
  7. Wounded
  8. Rotten Mind
  9. Nothing Now
  10. My Reality
  11. Hang Them All
  12. There Is No Sun