Open Closed



Aching Big Star-informed Memphis pop from wunderkid Paul Taylor on Makeshift label! Taylor played with the Dickinson brothers in DDT before they went onto North Mississippi All-Stars jam band fame, and was perennially the best bass player in Memphis since he was 13 or so. So he took up drums. He’s all over Shelby Bryant’s great Cloud Wow Music, and this has some of the same feelings of loneliness and ache… mixed with Beatlesy/Chiltony touches. Pop pleasers!

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  1. Open Closed
  2. On Something In The Air
  3. The Coroner
  4. Get Things Done
  5. He's 15, She's In A Magazine
  6. Notice
  7. Make You Feel Good
  8. See'em Comin'
  9. Weird Girls
  10. Lying Like It's True