Dead Soldiers – The Great Emptiness



This gritty, hell-raisin’, boot-stompin’ southern rock band is back with a vengeance. Recorded at Hi/Low, the band believes it to be their best album to date. The song “Old Time Religion” exemplifies the band’s respect for their roots, but they make it a raucous, dirty, song that drips with their whiskey and hints a bar fight. This album is a dance in the dark, reminiscent of a Faulkner novel steeped in Memphis’ gutsy, gothic delta soul.

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  1. When I Die
  2. White Collar Blues
  3. Teddy Bears
  4. Old Time Religion
  5. Still Climbing The Mountain
  6. A Love Song
  7. Georgia Tann
  8. The Smartest Man In The World
  9. Cheap Magic