The City Champs – Luna ’68



Luna ’68 marks the triumphant return of the instrumental Memphis soul/funk/jazz trio The City Champs. After releasing two incredibly well received LPs on Scott Bomar’s Electraphonic label, Luna ’68 is the band’s debut for Big Legal Mess. Members Al Gamble (St. Paul & The Broken Bones), George Sluppick (Chris Robinson Brotherhood) and Joe Restivo (Don Bryant) have been secretly concocting these tasty, solar expanding nuggets since their last output in 2010. Luna ’68 is available March 19th, 2021, in store and online.

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  1. Luna '68
  2. Lockdown City
  3. Mack Lean
  4. A-Meld-A-Marcos
  5. Hanzo
  6. Skinny Mic
  7. Freddie King For Now
  8. Thinking Of You
  9. Voyage to Vega (For Felix)