The Reatards – Teenage Hate


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Re-issue of the classic LP by Jay Reatard’s original band, The Reatards.  Also includes 21 bonus songs that were previously only available on long out-of-print cassettes.  Released by our friends at Goner Records. The Reatards’ first full-length release lives up to its title: raw, angry, howls that infuriate your parents and the neighbors, but fill you with unreasonable and uncontrollable angst. Rockabilly riffs, feral vocals, and blasting melodies make this record powerful and tight, a testament to this early 2000s punk band’s talent.

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  1. I'm So Gone
  2. Stacye
  3. I Love Living
  4. When I Get Mad
  5. C'mon Over
  6. Out of My Head Into My Bed
  7. You Fucked Up My Dreams
  8. It Ain't Me
  9. Down in Flames
  10. Gotta Rock 'n' Roll
  11. Memphis Blues
  12. Quite all Right
  13. Fashion Victim
  14. Old News Baby
  15. Not Good Enough For You
  16. Ollie Vee
  17. Not Your Man
  18. I Can Live Without You