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Having played together since high school, the members of snowglobe have a unique ability create complex songs with a rich pallet of sounds in a seemingly nonchalant way. The Memphis based band continues the long lasting tradition of playing honest music for the “right reasons”. “The sheer wealth of instruments the band uses creates moments as jam packed as rush hour. Principal songwriters Regan and Postlethwaite manage to keep the music unpretentious with a homey, lived-in quality and a gentle, unassuming lilt. “ Infectious songs like “regime”, “changes”, “ms. June”, “Rock song” , set the pace for an eclectic but cohesive mixture of pop gems. Memphis’s Snowglobe plays an entrancing blend of cosmic American music that owes as much to pioneering psychedelic country/pop legends like the Byrds and Gram Parsons as it does to modern-day fellow travelers like the Flaming Lips.

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  1. Oxytocin
  2. Rainbow
  3. Intro To Dry
  4. Dry
  5. Happy
  6. New Year's
  7. At Times A Nightmare
  8. Cellos
  9. Simple Song
  10. December Ghost
  11. Piano
  12. Caroline
  13. Instruments
  14. Sweet Dreams