Jay Reatard – Singles ’06-07


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After his first album, Blood Visions, Jay Reatard spent a year making singles for several record labels, including Goner. This album is a collection of those songs — precisely executed with his same energetic, raw tenacity, and endearing, yelping voice.

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  1. Night of Broken Glass
  2. Another Person
  3. All Over Again
  4. Feeling Blank Again
  5. I Know a Place
  6. Don't Let Him Come Back
  7. Hammer I Miss You
  8. It's So Useless
  9. All Wasted
  10. In the Dark
  11. Searching for You
  12. Haunting You
  13. Let It All Go
  14. Blood Visions
  15. Turning Blue
  16. It's So Easy
  17. Oh It's Such a Shame
  18. Live on VPRO, Netherlands (5/16/07)
  19. Live at the Sailor Jerry Store, Philadelphia (7/27/07)
  20. Live in Las Vegas, Nevada (8/28/07)
  21. Live at the Bakeshop, Brooklyn (10/10/07)