Oblivians – Rock ‘n Roll Holiday: Live in Atlanta



Seeing the Oblivians live is frantic, wired, and wild — and this album epitomizes that experience. The drums are beaten angrily, there are screams about sex and violence, and the crowd loses its head listening. This is the rawest and crudest form of rock & roll, and it’s a must have… unless its too intense and visceral for you.

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  1. Motorcycle Leather Boy
  2. Viet Nam War Blues
  3. Jim Cole
  4. Feel Real Good
  5. Static Party
  6. And Then I Fucked Her
  7. Someday You'll Be Loved
  8. Love Killed My Brain
  9. No Reason to Live
  10. Plate in My Head
  11. Shut My Mouth
  12. Happy Blues
  13. Blew My Cool
  14. Shake Your Ass
  15. Nigger Rich
  16. Never Change