Jack-O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers – Disco Outlaw



John Paul Keith on lead guitar, Harlan T. Bobo on bass and Jack Oblivian on vocals — Disco Outlaw is a Memphis music fan’s dream come true. This tight set of musicians nod their heads to soul and blues in a garage punk fashion. Swampy and scratchy, The Tennessee Tearjerkers aptly capture the spirit of delta rock & roll.

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  1. Ditch Road
  2. Against the Wall
  3. Switchblade Comb
  4. Make Your Mind Up
  5. Sweet Thang
  6. Crook for Your Look
  7. Let Me Go!
  8. Scratchy
  9. Homesick Blues
  10. Blood Blank Blues
  11. Stop Stalling
  12. Walk of Shame