Crappin’ You Negative


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Following many small & large tours & much college radio hoopla, the Grifters went back to Easley Recording for this tour de force of amazing songwriting & guitar fussing.  Our biggest seller (4 stars in le Rolling Stone!), we all went out & bought new shoes.  Released in May, 1994.

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  1. Rats
  2. Maps of the Sun
  3. Dead Already
  4. Black Fuel Incinerator
  5. Skin Man Palace
  6. Arizona
  7. Felt-Tipped Over
  8. Holmes
  9. Get Outta That Spaceship and Fight Like a Man
  10. Piddlebach
  11. Bronze Cast
  12. Junkie Blood
  13. Here Comes Larry
  14. Cinnamon