Jack-O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers – Bad Moon Rising



Another project from garage rock legend Jack Yarber (aka Jack Oblivian), the Tennessee Tearjerkers combine the attitude of the raw, in-your-face Oblivians, with fevered, soulful, scuzzy covers of songs like “Stupid Cupid.” Their rockabilly driven melodies and punk rhythm make this album essential to your Memphis music collection.

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  1. White Lie, Black Eye
  2. Stupid Cupid
  3. Wire Tapper CAlling
  4. Dollar to Death
  5. Teeny Weeny Little Bit
  6. Make It Hard
  7. Bank, Gun, Jail
  8. Head of the Class Clowns
  9. Earthquake Date (Pretty Bad Baby)
  10. Devil's Border
  11. Bottomless Purse
  12. D.O.A. Blues