Three 6 Mafia – Chapter 1: The End


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Chapter 1: The End is an evolution of the Memphis rap sound employed throughout Mystic Stylez and their other underground work, giving the album a much cleaner/glossier sound than their preceding work, while also still including the usual elements that their work up to that point usually had (chopped & screwed vocal sample hooks, violent subject matter, etc.)

  1. Our Arrival
  2. Stomp
  3. Money flow (K-Rock: Killa Klan Kaze)
  4. Late Night Tip
  5. Gotcha Shakin'
  6. I Aint Goin
  7. Good Stuff
  8. Walk Up 2 You House
  9. In-2-Deep
  10. Last Man Standing (M-Child, Gangsta Blac)
  11. Destruction Terror
  12. Body Parts (Prophet Posse)
  13. Where's Da Bud
  14. Gette'm Crunk
  15. Where's Da Killaz Hang (Project Pat)
  16. The End
  17. Life Or Death (Killa Klan Kaze) Ft. Koopsta Knicca