The Complete Goldwax Singles Vol. 1


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While there’s a good share of the soul music with which Goldwax became identified here, especially as personified on sides by Carr, O.V. Wright, Spencer Wiggins, and the very Sam Cooke-like Ovations, there’s also a surprisingly high percentage of other genres in this 2-disc, 58-track collection. Detailed track-by-track annotation gives more details on the records and performers that you suspect could have ever been unearthed.

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  1. Big Bad Jon the Twister
  2. Pop-eye Time
  3. A Thousand Vows
  4. A Girl Named Jo
  5. Tradin' Stamps
  6. Mother-in-Law Trouble
  7. Darling
  8. How a Woman Does Her Man
  9. The Day the World Cried Part 1
  10. The Day the World Cried Part 2
  11. The Greasy Frog
  12. Will I Ever be Free
  13. Our Last Quarrel
  14. These Ain't Raindrops
  15. Too Slow
  16. She's Better Than you
  17. The Side Wind
  18. So Hard to Get Along
  19. That's How Strong My Love Is
  20. There Goes My Used to Be
  21. I Can't Fight This Much Longer
  22. Now and Then
  23. Only Fools Run Away
  24. You Don't Want Me
  25. Love Me
  26. Rhythm Marie
  27. Spoonful
  28. What Am I Living For
  29. Pretty Little Angel
  30. Won't You Call
  31. Toddlin'
  32. Bow-Legged
  33. I Can't Make It
  34. Lover's Competition
  35. Barbarian Jerk
  36. Please, Please Little Girl
  37. It's Wonderful to be in Love
  38. Dance Party
  39. Ohio Bound
  40. Hurricane Blues
  41. The Well's Gone Dry
  42. Country Style
  43. Every Woman I Know
  44. Have You Seen Jean
  45. What Do You Think About My Baby
  46. Lover's Crime
  47. I'm Living Good
  48. Recipe for Love
  49. Love Works That Way
  50. I'll be True to You
  51. She's Better Than You
  52. Talk Talk
  53. My Motor Bike Balked
  54. Pasty
  55. Don't Cry
  56. I Need a Lot of Loving
  57. Darling
  58. I Do