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At a precise moment stuck between what he himself calls a “slippery past” and an “uncertain future,” Harlan T. Bobo crafted this beautiful, shivering hymn to hard-won contentment. From joyfully tongue-in-cheek title to righteous opening (“Sweet Life”) to swooning climax (“Drank”) and every bull’s-eye musical choice in between (classic-sounding soul- and folk-rock, locomotive country, carnivalesque pop, Paris café music), Sucker never missteps and says what it needs to say in less than half an hour. I suspect Bobo’s debut, Too Much Love, will always be his testament for most fans. But for me, this one is it — at least until he tops it.

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  1. Sweet Life
  2. Hamster in a Cage
  3. Oh Boy
  4. Crazy With Lonliness
  5. Old Man
  6. Selfish Life
  7. Perfect Day
  8. Bad Boyfriends
  9. Energy
  10. Errand Girl
  11. Drank
  12. Mlle Chatte