Snowglobe – Our Land Brains



Originally released by Bardot Records in 2002 to critical acclaim (Pitchfork 8.0!), Snowglobe’s Our Land Brains is a fantastic snapshot of a band realizing their potential. Already local favorites at the time, this debut album helped to introduce Snowglobe to a wider national audience. Though the band’s signature sound nods to a wide array of 60s legends like the Beatles or Kinks, they remain distinctly their own bright amalgamation of psych pop and rock in ways that often draws comparisons to more modern indie acts like Neutral Milk Hotel. Now reissued in a double LP format on Nine Mile Records, this is the first time the album has been made available on vinyl. Housed in a gatefold sleeve, Our Land Brains received both a remastering treatment as well as new artwork for this limited edition release (only 250 pressed).  Viva Snowglobe!

  1. Waves Rolling
  2. Beautiful
  3. Anthem
  4. Dreamworks
  5. Blue Balcony
  6. Big City Lights
  7. Adrenaline Mother
  8. Response
  9. Smiles and Frowns
  10. Muse
  11. Stubber
  12. Experiments
  13. Playground
  14. The Song That Frustrates Us
  15. Goodbye Dream
  16. Thriller