James and the Ultrasounds – Robot Love



James and the Ultrasounds are not necessarily typical of the Memphis garage rock scene, though they do owe plenty to that tradition. Having played bass with influential Grifters duo Dave Shouse and Scott Taylor in The New Mary Jane, as well as with local luminaries Jack Oblivian and John Paul Keith, James Godwin has been a Memphis staple for years. It wasn’t until 2012, however, that he assembled a band to perform material he had conceived for a solo project. After self-recording the Lovers and Ghosts EP and releasing it under the moniker James and the Ultrasounds, Godwin filled out his band with drummer John Argroves (John Paul Keith, Jack Oblivian, The New Mary Jane), guitarist Luke White (Colour Revolt, Snowglobe, The Coach and Four), and bassist David Johnson (Dead Phones, Time).