Three 6 Mafia – Mystic Stylez


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Seen as their full-length debut, this record was released in 1995 and not widely appreciated, considering it wasn’t mainstream rap — instead, it was a horror-core style from Memphis that has now become a cult classic album. Riddled with taboos and lo-fi beats, it is easily the predecessor of southern rap that would take the hip-hop world by storm years later.

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  1. Da Beginning
  2. Break Da Law "95"
  3. Da Summa
  4. Live By Yo Rep (Bone Dis)
  5. In Da Game
  6. Now I'm Hi Pt. 3
  7. Long Nite
  8. Sweet Robbery (Pt. 2)
  9. Back Against Da Wall
  10. Fuckin Wit Dis Click
  11. All Or Nothin
  12. Gotta Touch 'em (Pt. 2)
  13. Tear Da Club Up
  14. Big Bizness (Screwed)
  15. Mystic Styles
  16. Porno Movie