Loveland Duren – Any Such Thing


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Veteran recording artists Vicki Loveland and Van Duren are cradling dynamite once again with their brand new album release, Any Such Thing. Following the duo’s first two albums Bloody Cupid (2013) and Next (2016), Any Such Thing reflects the sum of their experiences through the past six years of performing in the Mid-South and in faraway locales. Traveling the indie film circuit in 2019 to LA, London, Australia, and Tasmania in support of the documentary Waiting: The Van Duren Story, Loveland Duren performed for ecstatic crowds who fell in love with their music, moving Vicki and Van deeply.  Any Such Thing swings from rock & soul to power pop to orchestral to rhythm & blues to eclectic improvisation in the most adventurous and wily ways.  This new music from Loveland Duren is about life and love well lived. And as Hemingway said, “Ain’t it pretty to think so?”

  1. Hearts
  2. A Place of No Place
  3. Within Crying Distance
  4. Ain't It Pretty To Think So?
  5. Skywriting (Tasmania)
  6. Funny Way Of Showing It
  7. Where Are We Going?
  8. Bridges I Had To Burn
  9. Everyone Is Out Of Tune
  10. Ending Again