Reigning Sound – Live At Goner Records



Greg Cartwright and his latest rhythm section dropped by Goner Records in Memphis on June 26, 2005 to play a few tunes, and thankfully someone had the good sense to record the show; for someone playing a free gig for a handful of shoppers, Cartwright isn’t afraid to work up a sweat, and both his guitar work and his vocals are rough, sweet, and full of soul on this disc. Live at Goner Records features selections from Reigning Sound’s first three studio albums as well as a few well-chosen covers (including Sam the Sham’s “Black Sheep” and Dan Penn’s “Do Something”). Unlike most folks on the garage punk nexus, Cartwright¬†clearly understands that the history of this music goes back farther than Lenny Kaye assembling the Nuggets compilations, and he weaves country, soul, and blues into raw, no-frills rock & roll with an unforced intelligence and passion whenever he steps in front of a mike. Like most live albums, Live at Goner Records is for serious fans rather than the uninitiated, but anyone who understands what makes Reigning Sound a great band will have a blast reliving this afternoon in their career.

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  1. Time Bomb High School
  2. Bad Man
  3. Reptile Style
  4. What Could I Do?
  5. Black Sheep
  6. Tennessee
  7. Straight Shooter
  8. Carol
  9. Do Something
  10. Girl
  11. New Romance
  12. Two Thieves (Cut Short)
  13. We Repel (Each Other)
  14. I'm So Thankful
  15. I'm Holding Out
  16. Drowning