I Am the Cosmos


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Unreleased for over 15 years, this album speaks to the musical and lyrical genius of Big Star’s Chris Bell. Wrapped in emotional depth and romantic despair, the song “You and Your Sister” (backed by bandmate Alex Chilton) is an underrated, unbelievable pop love ballad. It is a great juxtaposition against his more upbeat, bright and energetic songs like “Fight at the Table.” Overall, this is an album that belongs on every Big Star fan’s shelf, and any listener who is interested in a pop music master.

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  1. I Am The Cosmos
  2. Better Save Yourself
  3. Speed Of Sound
  4. Get Away 3:29
  5. You And Your Sister
  6. Make A Scene
  7. Look Up
  8. I Got Kinda Lost
  9. There Was A Light
  10. Fight At The Table
  11. I Don't Know
  12. Though I Know She Lies
  13. I Am The Cosmos (Slow Version)
  14. You And Your Sister (Country Version)
  15. You And Your Sister (Acoustic Version)