Eric Gales – Crown


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The great accomplishment of Crown lies in its unique collection of songs and especially sounds. Eric Gales writes music that pulls in various styles and blends them in such a way that would handcuff other artists. Shifting from metal-tinged blues into a rap-driven verse, delivering acapella intros, or his seamless use of eccentric guitar sounds are things that Gales can do that many other talented artists can’t. On Crown, every song has the ability to stand on its own merit, and as a through-composed album it performs even better. It may be Gales’ best effort to date.


  1. Death of Me
  2. The Storm
  3. Had to Dip
  4. I Want My Crown (Feat. Joe Bonamassa)
  5. Stand Up
  6. Survivor
  7. You Don't Know the Blues
  8. Rattlin' Change
  9. Too Close to the Fire
  10. Put That Back
  11. Take Me Just As I Am (Feat. Ladonna Gales)
  12. Cupcakin'
  13. Let Me Start with This
  14. I Found Her
  15. 15 My Own Best Friend
  16. 16 I Gotta Go