Jim Dickinson – Dixie Fried



Veteran producer Jim Dickinson had been well-established as a trusted producer and sideman by the time he recorded an album of his own in 1972. Atlantic honcho Jerry Wexler had signed Dickinson and the Dixie Flyers, the label’s house band for nearly all its soul recordings at the time, to record an album. Only Dickinson really felt up to it, and Dixie Fried was the result. Mixing blues, country, and unapologetic Southern boogie on nine tunes, Dickinson sounded something like a not-yet-formed Leon Russell or Dr. John (the latter of whom played on the album extensively). His wild, eclectic choice of songs makes for a mixed bag in the end. The sheer barrelhouse abandon of “Wine” is surpassed only by the New Orleans-style R&B of the title track, or the carnival-barker anthem “O How She Dances,” a strange and fascinating precursor to Tom Waits’ signature style. A gem to be sure, but one of a very rough cut, and of course this factor may hold special appeal to some listeners.

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  1. Wine
  2. The Strength of Love
  3. Louise
  4. John Brown
  5. Dixie Fried
  6. The Judgement
  7. O How She Dances
  8. Wild Bill Jones
  9. Casey Jones
  10. If I Had My Way
  11. The Lady from Baltimore
  12. Clap Your Hands
  13. Old Time Used to Be
  14. Relax Your Mind
  15. Mama Tried
  16. Sanctified