Beale Street Soul Man



Songwriter, producer, and head of A&R at the Sounds of Memphis Studio, Dan Greer was an unknown skillful singer — until now. Digging deep into the vaults, this compilation exhibits Greer’s talent as a musician. His rich, textured voice gives the listener a peek into the seductive, soulful sound that Memphis produced during the 1960s.

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  1. Thanks to You Girl
  2. Shell of a Man
  3. She's Not Mama's Little Girl Anymore
  4. Hook Line and Sinker
  5. You're Slipping Away
  6. Take a Look at Yourself
  7. You Can't Prove That
  8. Peace & Love
  9. Hell Paso, Pt. 1
  10. Voodoo Woman
  11. Bless You
  12. I'm a Lucky Guy
  13. How Does It Feel
  14. It Hurts to Lose at Love
  15. What Good Is a Man
  16. Any Moment Now
  17. Only the Beginning
  18. Natural Reaction
  19. Mistaken Identity
  20. When Will It All End
  21. Share
  22. So Good to Be Young