Oblivians – Barristers 95


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Live recording of now legendary garage punk troupe from Memphis. This brings you back to the booze soaked dance floor of Memphis’ Barristers in 1995 when The Oblivians evidently tore it a new asshole. Unadulterated raw fucking garage punk that’s as crude as this cover art.

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  1. Oh How to Do Now
  2. Losing Hand
  3. We're the Doll Rods
  4. Ja Ja Ja
  5. Hey Ma, Look at Sis
  6. Mystery Girl
  7. Teardrop for You
  8. Vietnam War Blues
  9. Pill Popper
  10. Strong Come On
  11. The Leather
  12. The Drill
  13. Let Him Try
  14. Black September
  15. Trouble
  16. The Leather, Part II
  17. Clones