All a Man Should Do


It’s hard to beat Lucero if you’re looking for classic, southern rock. Lead vocalist Ben Nichols’ gutsy, gravelly tone does not disappoint — and on this album, he is more reflective and subdued. Rick Steff’s piano is strong and soulful in songs like “They Called Her Killer,” showing a tender, emotional side to the band’s impressive discography. An extra little gift on the album is Jody Stephen’s appearance and vocals on the Big Star song “I’m in Love with a Girl.” Overall, this album is contemplative and wise, while maintaining their driving, rock n roll rhythm.

  1. Baby Don't You Want Me
  2. Went Looking For Warren Zevon's Los Angeles
  3. The Man I Was
  4. Can't You Hear Them Howl
  5. I Woke Up In New Orleans
  6. Throwback No. 2
  7. They Called Her Killer
  8. Young Outlaws
  9. I'm In Love With A Girl
  10. My Girl & Me In '93