Our Top 10 (plus one!) Local Bestsellers for 2013

(in no particular order):

John Paul Keith – “Memphis Circa 3 AM” cd/lp
Various Artists – “Rock For Love: A Compilation” cd
Mark Edgar Stuart – “Blues For Lou” cd
Motel Mirrors – “self-titled” 10” ep
Oblivians – “Desperation” cd/lp
Dead Soldiers – “All the Things You Lose” cd
North Mississippi All-Stars – “World Boogie is Coming” cd/lp
Dirty Streets – “Blades of Grass” cd/lp
“Memphis Heat: The True Story Of Memphis Wrasslin’” DVD
Switchblade Kid – “For All The Sad Bastards” cd/lp

Plus One:
Shangri-La 25th Anniversary Shindig featuring Grifters and Ex-Cult tickets!

Thanks to all who participated! Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2014!