FREE DOWNLOAD – The Simpletones’ “Blue Blood Blister”

Shangri-La Records owner, Jared McStay, has a song in the Commercial Appeal’s “Top 100 Songs about Memphis” list. The Simpletones’ “Blue Blood Blister” came in at #46 on the list! Unfortunately, no cd or digital copy of this song exists (yet, we’re working on that!), and only 500 7”s were ever pressed by the great Sugar Ditch label in 1992. So, for a limited time, we’re making the song available via free download. Many thanks to Sugar Ditch co-founders Andria Lisle and Gina Barker for making this happen! Also, special thanks to the CA’s John Beifuss and Chris Herrington for the kind words.

Note: there’s some confusing wording in the article that seems to imply that Roy Berry was the drummer on this song. While Roy played “Blue Blood Blister” many times with the Simpletones (and later the Simple Ones), Mark Miller was the drummer on the 7”. The song was cut at the legendary Easley-McCain studios (original location) and features the Grifters’ Scott Taylor on harmonica.

Click to download – Blue Blood Blister