April 2022 Podcast Featuring Your Academy

After taking the month of March off to allow our humble podcast host, JD Reager, the opportunity to move back home to Memphis with his lovely bride, we’re back in the saddle for April! This month’s podcast carries the distinction of being our first to be recorded in person (shoutout to Graham Burks for use of his killer space), and the vibe couldn’t have been better.

Shangri-La Co-owner John Miller prepares for recording in Graham Burks’s studio

JD and John get into some of the upcoming Record Store Day releases, including a live Reigning Sound LP from our friends at Merge Records, mention a few records from a recently acquired metal collection (see our Discogs page for more of that), and talk about the Stereo Sessions events that the shop has sponsored at the Memphis Listening Lab. Then the podcast gets turned over to guests Brandon McGovern and Johnny Norris from the band Your Academy, who deejay a set of tunes from their self-titled debut LP out on Black & Wyatt Records. For fans of Memphis power pop, here’s something new to scratch that itch. The band includes Adam Hill, who worked with John Fry on mixing the Big Star material for the excellent “Nothing Can Hurt Me” doc. Grab your copy from our webstore.

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