The D-Vine Spirituals Story Vol. 1


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The first installment in the D-Vine Spirituals Story. The Memphis gospel label that took the South by storm in the late 60’s-early 70’s is finally getting it’s due with the reissue treatment that the Bible & Tire imprint is known for. Gritty, raw and real sacred soul from a time when the sound of gospel music was at its peak and most contagious. Check out the opening track from Elizabeth King.

  1. I Heard the Voice - Elizabeth King & The Gospel Souls
  2. I'm a Soldier in God's Army - The Southern Sons
  3. One River to Cross - The Seven Brothers
  4. I'm Going Home - The Gospelaires
  5. Take Me by the Hand - The Heavenly Stars
  6. Look at Your Life - Evelyn Taylor
  7. You Got to Live the Life - The Supreme Travelers
  8. God's Going to Blow out the Sun - Elder Ward & The Gospel Four
  9. Memories - The Spiritual Stars of Kansas City, Missouri
  10. I Feel Like Flying Away - The Joy of Memphis
  11. The Reason I Love Him - The Kingdom Airs
  12. Where You Gonna Run? - The D-Vine Spiritualettes
  13. The Devil Don't Like It - The Gospel Four
  14. When I Looked - The Traveling Stars