Stronger Than Strong – John Nemeth (LP)



John Németh‘s triumphant tenth career release leaves no doubt that he is, indeed, Stronger Than Strong.  Backed by his seasoned band of Memphis-based young gun players, The Blue Dreamers, and recorded in Memphis at ElectraphonicStronger Than Strong is a musical tour de force of styles, subjects and sonic delights.  A chart-topper both in the US and abroad, Living Blues magazine says it mingles “evocative balladry with tunes that kick up a righteous ruckus.”

See his official music video for album track “Bars” HERE.

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  1. Come and Take It
  2. Fountain of a Man
  3. Sometimes
  4. Throw Me in the Water
  5. Chain Breaker
  6. Bars
  7. I Can See Your Love Light Shining
  8. Deprivin' a Love
  9. Work for Love
  10. Guess Who
  11. She's My Punisher
  12. Sweep the Shack