Steppin’ Stone: The XL and Sounds of Memphis Story, Vol. 3



Covering the spectrum of early 1970s southern soul, this compilation album and final volume in the Sounds of Memphis Story demonstrates a romantic, funky sound that was popular in its era. The Minits, an all-woman funk group, stand out on this album with their cover of “Hook Line & Sinker.” Some of the unfinished cuts add an authentic character to the songs, and makes it an essential for soul enthusiasts.

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  1. If You Never See Me
  2. I Won't Have to Cry No More
  3. Saturday in the Park
  4. Hook Line & Sinker
  5. How Can I Get Next to You
  6. I'm Your Slave
  7. You're Slipping Away
  8. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
  9. People Are Talking
  10. Run around
  11. Love Letters
  12. Sparkle Eyes
  13. Always Treat Your Woman
  14. Chirpin'
  15. Take a Look at Yourself
  16. Love Trying to Come
  17. Love is Blind
  18. Steppin' Stone
  19. Lover Boy
  20. Guessing Game
  21. Because of You
  22. The Plumber