Rockabilly Rebels (Vol. 4)



American country music was formed by the encounter between African-American forms of music such as blues and gospel and British, Irish and Scottish ballads, jigs and reels. But blues music began to change in the late 1940 s into a much faster, more upbeat style of music that was first called jump blues and later rhythm and blues , to distinguish it from its slower, more traditional ancestor. When country music encountered this new rhythm and blues music, the result was a new and uniquely American hybrid known as rockabilly. If country and hillbilly music were the soundtrack of the rural South, rockabilly was the equivalent in the white urban south, a music that seemed to follow the migrations of its creators and fans, with one foot in the country they left behind and one in the city they had moved to. The classic era of rockabilly was fairly brief, encompassing the years from 1954 to 1960, but those years produced quintessential American records and artists that remain American icons, and helped lay the foundation for rock and roll.

All tracks have been handpicked from the Sun Records archive and specially mastered for this album. This Limited and Numbered Edition, 180 gram, Sun Yellow Vinyl, album, also contains a 4 page booklet.