Ex-Cult – Midnight Passenger



Lead singer Chris Shaw’s purebred, punk howl, combined with the psychedelic influences of guitarists J.B. Horrell and Alex McIntyre, fused with Michael Peery (drummer) and Natalie Hoffmann’s (bass) fast, driving beat presents Ex-Cult’s second album, Midnight Passenger. Produced by Doug Easley (White Stripes, Tav Falco’s Panther Burns, Sonic Youth) the album is well-executed, and shows off Memphis’ impressive (and growing) garage-punk scene.

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  1. Shattered Circle
  2. Ties You Up
  3. Midnight Passenger
  4. Confusion Hill
  5. Catholic Entries
  6. Flickering Eyes
  7. Venice Illusion
  8. Sid Visions
  9. Not a Threat
  10. Lights out Club