10 More Years


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Ten More Years: Shangri-la Records cd spans the time of 1989 through 1999, documenting the first ten years of naïve Shangri-la Projects madness. The collection features the greatest hits of the 1990s by bands as diverse as 611, the Grifters, the Simple Ones, Strapping Fieldhands, the Memphis Goons, Citizens’ Utilities, Doug Easley, and even the legendary Mr. Will Roy Sanders. A great survey of the nascent re-birth of Memphis music!

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  1. 611 “Saween”
  2. Grifters “Soda Pop”
  3. Grifters “Thumbnail Sketch”
  4. Grifters “Tupelo Moan”
  5. the Hot Monkey “Shark”
  6. Linda Heck “Dig My Own Hole”
  7. Grifters “Rats”
  8. the Hot Monkey “Wheel”
  9. Citizens’ Utilities “Sauk”
  10. the Everlasting Doug Easley Experience “Love’s Next Show (Walkin’)”
  11. Simple Ones “Rift City”
  12. Simple Ones “Pen”
  13. Grifters “X-Ray Hip”
  14. Memphis Goons “Slag Sklag/Oh, Morning Time”
  15. Strapping Fieldhands “Ben Franklin Airbath”
  16. Simple Ones “Forget You”
  17. the Hot Monkey “Dandy Lion”
  18. Strapping Fieldhands “The Author in Her Ear”
  19. Memphis Goons “Miss Maggie Ann”
  20. Wilroy Sanders & His Memphis Soul Blues Band “Green’s Lounge Shuffle”