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Amazon.com sez: Johnny Romania’s debut cd, “popchaser,” is a refreshing mix of pop, rock, and electronica. Heavy on the synthesisers, the album creates an ambient mood, yet, at the same time, does not fall into the cliche’ of pop/electronic as many albums lately have. Johnny Romania’s sound is distinctly their own. Musical hightlights include the spacy “my love is true” (complete with Radiohead sample), “taking from the stars” (borrowing from New Wave and punk influences), and “let you down.” With “popchaser,” Johnny Romania have established themselves as force to be reckoned with, not only on the Memphis music scene, but on the music scene as a whole. Featuring local musicians J.D. Reager (the Near Reaches, Two Way Radio, etc.) and Justin Edward (Original Cyndi).

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  1. Walk Out
  2. My Love Is True
  3. Taking From the Stars
  4. Pop Chaser
  5. Tour Song
  6. Wall of Doubt
  7. (C’mon Over With Me) Little Girl
  8. Let You Down
  9. The Dearest To My Heart
  10. Fade Out or All Night Long