I Can’t Make a Friend (1965-1968)


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East Coast rockers from Queens, New York, the Vagrants are as OG as they come. Admired from across the Forest Hills High School cafeteria by future members of the Ramones, they ripped across the city and state with ecstatic abandon and an explosive stage show. They pissed off Bill Graham on a mini West Coast tour and were told they’d never play there again. Full of damage and pure dynamics, the Vagrants provided the blueprint for early punk.

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  1. Oh Those Eyes
  2. You’re Too Young
  3. I Can’t Make a Friend
  4. Young Blues
  5. The Final Hour
  6. Your Hasty Heart
  7. Respect
  8. I Love, Love You (Yes I Do)
  9. Beside the Sea
  10. A Sunny Summer Rain
  11. And When It’s Over
  12. I Don’t Need Your Loving