Fully Qualified Survivor


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Although not as well known as his peers (Roy Harper, John Marytn, and Bert Jansch), the name Michael Chapman is an important one in the linage of English folk rock guitarists and singer/songwriters of the late 60’s/early 70’s. Chapman’s 1970 Fully Qualified Survivor can be filled between Roy Harper’s Flat Baroque and Berserk, John Martyn’s Inside Out, and Bert Jansch’s Jack Orion and you’ll be doing fine. The perfect album for a winter day and a joint.

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  1. Aviator
  2. Naked Ladies and Electric Ragtime
  3. Stranger in the Room
  4. Postcards of Scarborough
  5. Fishbeard Sunset
  6. Soulful Lady
  7. Rabbit Hills
  8. March Rain
  9. Kodak Ghosts
  10. Andru”s Easy Rider
  11. Trinkets and Rings